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Integrated Project Delivery

• Nesko Design/Build's whole business model is based upon our taking ownership of your project. As both your engineer of record as well as your contractor of choice, we view our responsibility to be your advocate in the construction process. 


That's why every Nesko design/build project starts with a completely engineered and mutually agreed upon set of electrical drawings. Nobody appreciates an unpleasant surprise during a construction project; a Nesko customer always understands exactly what to expect from us, and unless the customer grows the project from the original scope (like adding another floor to the building, for instance) the "change order process" is a simple one. There are none.


• Nesko is a State of Illinois Licensed Design Firm and a Professional Engineering Firm.


• Nesko's staff includes LEED accredited personnel fully versed in the latest green building standards and we specialize in sustainable electrical design.


• Nesko is a state licensed design/build alarm systems contractor.


• Our lighting designers, engineers and draftsmen are all full time employees... not just people who work at other firms and are "moonlighting" on   our behalf.


• Fully 80% of Nesko's annual sales volume is Design/Build work. 


• Finally, repeat business is the life blood of our firm, and the only reliable way to build repeat business is through complete customer satisfaction. That's our promise to you

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